JP 501 Carton Sealing Machine

JP-501    Carton Sealer - Side Belt Driven for Uniform Box


Semi-auto carton sealer is for uniform box, machine width and height can be adjustable according to box size. Side belt driven carton sealer is standard and very popular. 
Carton sealer tapes the box upper and lower smoothly. 
Min. sealing width is W 110 mm. 
For uniform boxes.
Width & height adjustable manually.
Side belt driven.
Reliable taping head seal box smoothly & accurately.
Table height adjustable from 570~770mm.
Sturdy mast, strong construction.
Dual side pressure rollers keep sealing tight.


Sealing size

2” tape: L150~∞xW110~500xH110~500mm
3”tape: L150~∞xW135~500xH110~500mm

Tape Width

2" (3" option)

Tape overlap


Side belt

W 50mm

Uniform box

Uniform box

Table Height


Belt speed

20M/min. at 60Hz

Power Supply

110/220/240V, 50/60Hz, 1PH

Power Supply

220/380/415/440V, 50/60Hz, 3PH


Extension roller table L 500mm
Stainless steel housing #304(JP-501M)
Width & height expand upon boxes sizes.
Auto stop device.
CE standard.


Product Name : JP 501 Carton Sealing Machine